Self Evident Truth




Self Evident Truth

We hold these truths to be selfevident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson wrote these famous words over 240 years ago. I celebrated by writing my own self evident truths in pursuit of my happiness & liberty in life:

1. Clarity of Purpose is Absolute

Simplicity to your life mission comes with amazing benefits and undivided clarity is at the top. If you want to make better decisions, be healthier, and do more meaningful work, then clear acuity is the answer. What do you want and Why does it matter?

2. It’s All About the Journey

Of course, you have heard this cliche’ before. So, why does all this matter? We put off what really matters in pursuit of the things we want to achieve. The most important thing is that you learn to be happy — right here and now.

3. Compounding Improvement is Success

FV = YN x ( Imp@1%) x 365/n. FV (Your Future Value) is equal YN (Who you are now) multiplied by making 1% Imp (Improvements) compounding each day of the year (365). At 1% compounded each day, the result is 3800% a year. Exponential success.

4. Sow the Right Seeds

Basic agriculture formula = 1% of your best seeds yield 50% of the harvest. The parable of Matthew 13 divinely drives this priceless message. Plant as many seeds of greatness as you can…daily.

5. Radiate Love

All religions have love somewhere in their doctrine. It is THE TRUTH finder, the fuel for your ideal life. Surrendering to this emotion for greatness is worth it all of the time.

6. Learning Includes Making Mistakes

Imperfection is a virtue. Errors, adversity, difficulties are part of life. They are life’s white papers to study carefully. When muscles breakdown, they rebuild even stronger than before.

7. Strongly Associate with Authentic People

Artificial, Phony, Fake is the wolf in sheep’ clothing. People with this agenda will make you unhappy, unkind and unsuccessful.

8. Cultivate Connections with Smart People

Many of the great ones did it. Steve Jobs (Steve Wozniak), Abraham Lincoln (His Cabinet), FDR (Louis Howe), Mark Zuckerberg (Sheryl Sandberg). Behind the greatness are hours of advise, preparation and openness to making it all work and grow.

9. Complaining, Blaming are Excuses

Complaining is draining. Blaming is depleting. Explaining is consuming. All with diminishing returns. Process the facts, decide if you can control the circumstances then take action. Otherwise, leave it behind.

10. Optimism is the Only Option

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficultyWinston Churchill. My take… Sir Winston demonstrated how optimism works…by never, never, never giving up and winning the war.

11. Dream Big and Often

Your dream has to inspire you first. It does not matter what it is, this is your superpower. Write down 5 ideas a day. Ask, Believe, Receive and do it as frequently as you breathe.

12. Master the Art of Questioning

There are always far more questions than answers. The opportunities that produce clarity are behind the questions. Getting the facts far out distance feelings, opinions & guesses.

13. W.I.N.

What’s Important Now. Worrying about yesterday, sustained anxiety will waste time & energy today. Focus on what you can control at this very moment.

14. Be Totally Engaged in Health

Its hard to be productive from a hospital bed. And your chances for life success is at zero from the grave. Eat well, sleep well, treat yourself as a multimillion dollar thoroughbred. Your health has be excellent for you to sustain all the greatness you will achieve and then…to be able to enjoy it.

15. Say No to Trivia

NO is always in the middle of KNOW. To know when to say no comes with discipline. You KNOW you need the energy to read, learn, think, rest, be with family, friends and love life. Say NO more.

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