Fog or Fact?




Fog or Fact?

The business of selling is full of false information that has been perpetuated over the years. This false data may be partly responsible for the poor impression people have of sales, an outstanding profession and very needed life skill. It is caused by FOG…Feelings, Opinions & Guesses. FOG is information that is not factual, but is accepted as truth and passed along like wisdom. FACT is Forced Acceptance of Coherent Truth. For example:

FOG #1
Experienced salespeople don’t need training & coaching.

Answer—FACT: Experienced salespeople need training and are the people who can benefit the most from it. Think about it, even LeBron James, Jordan Spieth & Tom Brady has a coach. It’s not that they need to be taught to perform their fundamental work, but a coach can show him a different perspective on things—someone who sees things from outside of the court, course or field. They all train daily—it’s called practice.
To get to the top of the sales profession, and to stay there, is a continual process and will not happen without a program of ongoing coaching, self-evaluation, and self-improvement. Accepting the truth…

FOG #2
Sales training & coaching doesn’t provide much benefit.

Answer— FACT: Sales Coaching, if done properly, will increase sales results & ROI. If you have a big difference in revenue generation between your top and bottom sales people you will see big increases with an effective training/coaching program. The only reasons, in fact, anyone doesn’t train is because they fail to see the benefit of it. If everyone saw the missed opportunities, the whole world would be using daily sales training/coaching. A transformation with the help of a qualified, credible coach is a start…clear the FOG.
FOG #3
You really cannot see a clear correlation between sales training/coaching and results.

Answer—FACT: If a sales training program fails it’s because it doesn’t relate to specific, measurable performance objectives. If specific needs and objectives are established and training is modeled around them, the results can be measured and tracked. Get an accurate assessment of your abilities and you’ll get a simple visual gauge that can show you how credible knowledge improvement result in your life. What is your sales training ROI? You can know all sales achieved as a result of training, minus the cost of training. Don’t rely on FOG to assess the effectiveness of this investment for your organization.

FOG #4
Good sales training is just a matter of “pumping up” & motivating people.

Answer—FACT: Motivation isn’t the same as sales training or professional coaching. Yes, inspiration is necessary and should be provided within a coaching/training program, but rah-rah meetings won’t last long without teaching the skill sets to go out and close deals. Demotivating things such as high levels of rejection will still be a problem after a motivational session. The best way to improve long-term motivation is to provide you with skills that will give you fruitful techniques that can be utilized for self-evaluation, and self-improvement.

FOG #5
You can do training yourself and save money in the process.

Answer—FACT: Many of my clients tell me that they find successful techniques and ideas introduced by outside sources to be more credible than what their managers tell them. The FACT is almost all managers choose NOT to invest their time preparing and delivering training/coaching themselves. Their daily schedule is already too full.
The fact of the matter is that no one should be worried about saving thousands on training/coaching if they hope to make millions.

Stay away from FOG…that’s a FACT.

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